Prepaid Credit Cards – Control Your Monthly Expenses Easily

Prepaid credit cards have become quiet famous in United Kingdom due to various reasons. The most important reason behind the amazing popularity is that they save people not to fall in debt trap. There is nothing wrong with debit card but we are going to discuss why they are not better than normal credit cards:

Timely payments – In these cards, consumers make the payment on advance or on the spot while doing the shopping. On the other hand, credit cards give you more than a month to repay the payment. Instead of making on the spot payment, you can save the same amount for the timely payment of cards. By following this process, you will not fall in debt trap and get some grace period for the payment.

Control on expenditure – Debit cards never allow people to spend more than the available balance. Consumers can only spend the amount which he/she got in his/her saving account. By controlling your expenditure manually, you can enjoy the benefits of normal plastic money instead of instant prepaid credit cards.

Rewards – Without any doubt we can say that, normal credit cards offer more rewards than the debit cards. Users get number of options like free gifts, points, free tickets, huge discounts etc. with the help of plastic money.

Intelligent people earn interest on money – Generally people deposit the payments of plastic money into the saving account and earn interest on it. After earning the interest, users can make the payment on due date from the same money.

Repair credit score – If you are facing the problem with bad credit score, then debit card can not help you at all to repair it. Only the time repayments of credit cards can show the positive results on your report.

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