Debt Consolidation

Erase 50% of Your Past Due Balance and Finally Beat Credit Card Debt!

Did you know that it is legal and ethical to erase 50% of your credit debt?

Credit cards have been the ruin of many families as they cause a 95% of all bankruptcies in the United States.

Did you know a $1000 charge on a charge card will take you for 24 years to pay off at 12% interest if you only make the minimum payment each month? This is something your credit-card company does not want you to know and they have cleverly hidden this fact.

Fact: It is now legal for consumers to erase 50% of their past due debts that they owe to their financial institutions.

Fact: Credit card debt will bankrupt a majority of Americans during this recession. There is no reason to stay in debt when you do not have too.

Get armed with free information that has recently been given by private companies to help get Americans out of debt. You can legally and ethically get rid of your debt load by half 50%, but average people are not aware of this option because Visa, MasterCard and other credit-card institutions have wrongly educated them. Credit card companies only teach you how to get into more debt.

Private companies are releasing information that can help you reduce your debt load by half. Get going towards vacations instead of on the road to poverty. Be able to take vacations instead of paying high interest fees.

There are obscure tactics and consumer protection laws that can help you cut debt in half. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not spent stressing over credit card payments.

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