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Are You Worried About Not Having Enough Money When You Get Older?

As revealed in a survey, some of the biggest fears for women today are:

1) “What will happen to me if my significant other passes away?”

2) “What if I don’t have enough money for my retirement?”

3) “What if I outlive my money?”

These are legitimate concerns.

Some Financial experts state that fear, panic and depression are the most common emotions surrounding money. In addition, worry, anxiety, stress, blame and even anger are emotions that women shared with us when discussing their money issues. A woman’s mind, if cluttered with negative emotions such as these, can plunge her into feelings of helplessness and a state of silent shame. This negative state leaves her paralyzed, unable to identify simple solutions and make sound decisions. A paralysis of this nature can also foster inaction, and that inaction is one of the major culprits preventing a woman from planning and accumulating sustainable long-term wealth. These emotions, thoughts and fears are the #1 enemy of wealth creation.

So, how do you stop the worry and find the money?

To create a change in your financial status and these emotions you need to start with a change in your financial mindset and actions. A holistic approach will create the necessary shift in emotions and will, in turn, lead to results driven actions. You need proven and practical strategies to overcome these inner challenges, followed by the implementation of a system. A success system has a holistic solution, not based on hopes or theories, but modeled after those who have succeeded. A power formula in the system include simple steps that guide you through your financial make-over – highlighting the powerful mind-shifts for your mindset and practical tactics. These steps are designed to jump-start the reshaping of your finances, putting you on the path to learn how to grow your money… not outlive it.

If you seek to live a healthy financial life, eliminate financial worries, ensure your children’s financial security and have a source of money you won’t outlive – TAKE ACTION TODAY. Planning assists you to gain clarity and focus of your goals. Education empowers you to ask the right financial questions. Learn about money and finances. It assist you to separate financial fluff from financial facts. This ability leads you to opportunities that will best serve you in your current and future lifestyle desires. This will expose you the money.

“Money is usually attracted, not pursued.” Jim Rohn

For those of you who are late “financial bloomers”… IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO PLAN FOR YOUR FUTURE! It’s true that many women, for many different reasons, have decided to wait until they’re in the 50’s to consider financial planning. We’re not going to lie to you… at this point it will require great focus and massive action to achieve your goals, but YOU CAN DO IT! We encourage you to be tenacious in the questions you ask and bold in the exploration of opportunities that are available to you. Typically, the answers you seek are well within your reach, and these answers will expedite the achievement of your goals. Learn to overcome your emotional roadblocks, start planning and get educated. Today is the perfect time to get started. After all… you’re still breathing!

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