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Trinity University – A Tale of Three Cities

Trinity University is a private, independent, primarily undergraduate university in San Antonio, Texas. The campus is located in the Monte Vista Historic District, adjacent to Brackenridge Park. It has emerged from the vision that a few Texans had and who recognized the power of higher education.

Trinity University was founded in 1869 by Cumberland Presbyterians in Tehucana, Texas. It was formed on the remnants of three small colleges of the same faith that had failed during the American Civil War. After some time, a need was felt to increase the community support and hence the university moved to Waxahachie in 1902. In 1906, it affiliated itself with the United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America.

Over the past 140 years, Trinity University has occupied three different settings. In 1942, it made its third shift and relocated to San Antonio which is its present address. From 1942-52, it operated from the Woodlawn Campus in San Antonio. In all its history, the university has resided on four campuses in three different locations.

The present Trinity University overlooks downtown San Antonio. It is spread across 117 acres that is called as the Skyline Campus. It is noted for its distinctive red-brick architecture and well maintained grounds. The campus is modeled after an Italian village by late architect O’Neil Ford.

The student body at the Trinity University includes 2400 undergraduate and 200 graduate students. The institution offers 39 major and 52 minors among 6 degree programs. The education at this institution can be invaluable, yet significant amount of investment. This creates apprehension in the minds of many parents regarding their ability to cover these costs. There are various financial aid programs that are being offered by the university to the students to have a comfortable and quality higher education.

The school has a comprehensive program is designed so as to address the financial concerns of families at all income levels. Nearly 86% of Trinity’s students receive financial aid. It spends over $37 million in financial aid annually. The Trinity University provides monetary help in various forms that include Merit Scholarships which are offered to students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement or have been involved in art, music, theatre or debate. Majority of these scholarships are awarded based solely on achievement; some of these are also based on a combination of achievement and financial need.

These are awarded to first year students and the recipients are selected without regard to income status. The amount offered to each student varies and does not require repayment. The academic progress of the student is reviewed at the end of each academic session to decide upon the renewal eligibility. The university scholarships are renewed annually as long as the renewal criteria are met.

The second type of help is Need-based Aid which can be in the form of grants, loans and campus employment. These aids are renewable each year, provided the applicant meets each award’s specified criteria and submits updated documentation annually.

Thus, even though this academic institution is privately operated, yet it offers ample opportunities to aspiring students to take up higher education and have a qualified academic career.

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