How to Get a NIP Tax Number in Poland

What’s a NIP?

The Polish government’s tax offices use a NIP (Numeru Identyfikacji Podatkowej; in English “tax identification number”) to recognize you within their system. The NIP number is issued by each region tax office or “urzad skarbowy”, of which there are literally hundreds. The number is not completely random, being as the first several digits identify the tax office that originally issued it. However, it is not nearly as elaborate a number as the PESEL, which contains date of birth, gender, etc.

A NIP is needed if you want to file for a tax return in Poland. It is not necessary to get a NIP if you want to work in Poland. You may opt for tax residency in your home country, however, in most cases this may be used for only up to two years. However, if you decide to make Poland your home for an indefinite period of time, you ought to obtain and file taxes in Poland.

The instructions below are aimed towards people who do not plan on starting their own company at this time. If you need a NIP to get a job working for someone else, then continue reading below.

How do I get a NIP?

Where: local tax office (Urzad Skarbowy)

pre-requisite: PESEL, zameldowanie

wait time: 2-3 weeks

What you’ll need:

  • Filled out NIP-3 application form 
    • PESEL number
    • current first and last names
    • maiden name (if any)
    • parents’ first names
    • place and date of birth
    • gender
    • citizenship
    • current registration address(zameldowanie)
    • current address of residence (if different than
    • registration address)
    • serial number of current ID card (dowód osobisty)
    • phone number
    • bank name and account number
  • form of ID

NIP-3 form instructions:

In section A of the NIP-3 form, you’ll need to mark if you are applying for a new NIP number or updating info on a current one, specify the exact tax office you are submitting it to, and if you have been registered in any other tax offices in Poland before.

Section B is split across two pages, the front and the back. On the front in section B.1, you’ll need to fill out basic information about yourself. In section B.4, you’ll need to enter your current address of residence. This is most likely your address of registration as well.

On the next page, section B.5 asks you for your address of registration (zameldowanie). Again, mostly likely this is where you live. However, in the event that it is different, you’ll need to write it in. In section B.6, you ought to write in your phone number so that if the tax office has a question, they can contact you quickly. A stationary or mobile phone are appropriate. Then, in section B.7, enter your bank name and account number. This is for the purpose of receiving your tax return when you file it.

Finally, you’ll need to date and sign the application form. Remember to write your signature to be legible because in Poland there are two kinds of signatures: regular and legible, with the latter often being required for official documents.

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