Should We Simplify The Tax Codes?

Many folks are upset because each year the tax codes get more and more complicated. This is a huge burden on small businesses, which employ 75% of our workforce and are the life blood of our economy. How did the tax code get so complicated that it takes a very current expert to even figure it all out? And what is the value of such tax code anyway.

Most politicians will tell you, the tax rule is complicated due to all the incentives that government puts on it to get money to flow in a certain direction to do the most good for our nation and economy. But in reality all this Gerrymandering does little more defeat the true purpose of free-markets which eventually solve all the problems in a society and civilization.

The other day when discussing this with a friend, and we noted that bureaucracy is out of control and the taxation regulations is a mess, but both will likely remain as such due to the politics involved, and he stated; “Nor would they simplify the Tax Rules and have only auditors at the IRS with a higher auditing rate than the current 1:10,000 or so.”

This is so very true, especially considering the current cost of tax collection at the IRS, I think at one time they were spending some 45% in the collection of the taxes they actually collected. That is nothing more than bureaucracy at its finest. The tax rules need to be simplified, it’s crazy. It takes hours and costs $1,000s even for a little small business to comply and file. These are serious issues and we need to take care of this tax code, it’s just too complicated.

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