Wealth Building

A New Man

The positivity of your mind breeds inspiration in the right perspective of life and this will definitely result into wealth creation. Let it be known to you that life will definitely give back to you what you give to it. The kind of life you want to live will be determined by your ability to work on yourself especially on your mind. The mind is the cradle of your existence; it is the battle field of life where you have so many issues fighting for or against your achievements and success in life.

It is my candid opinion that the world can be a better place if we have people who are ready to take the right step at the right time, why because it does not take a century to make a change it only takes the right choice in a right place at the right time. The mind is very spectacular in its operating process; it is very active in the fulfillment of your destiny because if you fail in your mind you definitely fail in your destiny. Every change of your life begins in your mind so the focus of your mind should be towards change, because the only constant thing in life is change. Even if as at now you are a millionaire, I am sure your thought will tend towards increasing your asset, property and making sure that it is properly protected. This is part of the work of the mind to make sure that things are put in the right perspective.

Also a man who has nothing, I mean in terms of assets and properties will definitely either put his mind towards being rich or staying where he is presently, however change in a man’s life is inevitable. Like I said in my last post, the mind is a battle field and so many issues raises head to be solved, but a man who has nothing will accept or refuse to be at the same position.

The position of a new man is very clear and straightforward, it is that which stands and take position in the battle of life which starts in the mind. He determines to conquer and stay at the top of it, he never relinquishes that position rather he holds on to it. You can be that man that you desire to be in life that man that has control over the mind in all issues of life it only takes discipline and the desire for a change. The controlling power lies in you and if you effectively take charge you will be termed as a new man.

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