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Easy Money For Teens – Discover Ways to Earn Easy Money

There are many ways for teens to make some easy money. I am going to list a few part time jobs for teens which I know can be done because my own children used these methods to earn some extra money.

Watering Plants

Garden Centres are always looking for people to water their plants and this can be done every night after school or college. It doesn’t take too long and it is a nice outdoor atmosphere amongst the plants.

Dog Walking

A great way for teens to make money is Dog Walking. Make some flyers, which can be hand made or if you have the use of a computer, can easily be printed up. Deliver the flyers locally offering to walk the owners dogs. Many people love this service being unable to walk their dogs as often as they should.


The one gardening job that most people hate to do is the weeding. Many people cannot afford to hire a gardener but are happy for teens to just carry out the weeding for a lot less money than a proper gardener. This is easy money for teens and again can be carried out in the evenings or at the weekend.

Paper Round

This is a traditional way for teens to make money but it is still very popular and if you can get up a little earlier in the mornings, you can probably manage two paper rounds and earn twice as much money.

Boot Sales

Offer to sell all your friends and families unwanted items at Boot Sales for a percentage of the profits. You will probably have to enlist the help of someone with a car, but that is not normally a problem, especially if they think there is a bit of money coming their way.


Teens can definitely make some easy money ironing for friends and neighbours. This is a job that most people hate and leave until their ironing pile becomes so big, they have no clothes left to wear. Just offer your services and you’ll be surprised how much money you can earn from ironing.

These are just a few ways for teens to make some extra money.

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