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How to adopt better options trading habits

Options trading involves many risks, and it is essential to be aware of the potential risks before entering any trade. Trading options in Australia can be a great way to make money, but it is essential to adopt good habits to succeed.

Educate yourself

Before you start trading options, you must educate yourself about the different types of options and how they work. Many resources are available online and in libraries to help you learn about options trading. It is also a good idea to speak to someone who is already an experienced options trader to get some tips and advice.

Develop a trading plan

It is essential to have a clear trading plan before you start trading options. You need to know your goals, what you are willing to risk, and what strategies you will use to achieve your goals. A trading plan will help you stay disciplined and focused on your goals.

Use a demo account

Practising with a demo account would be best before trading with real money. It will allow you to get a feel for how the options market works without risking any real money. You can find demo accounts on many online broker websites.

Use limit orders

When buying or selling options, it is essential to use limit orders. A limit order calls on your broker to buy or sell an option at a specified price. Limit orders help you control your risk and avoid making impulsive decisions.

Manage your risks

It is essential to manage your risk when trading options. One way to do this is to only trade with money you can afford to lose. Another way to manage your risk is to use stop-loss orders. A stop-loss order calls on your broker to sell an option if it reaches a specific price.

Have patience

Successful options trading requires patience. It would be best to practice patience when finding the right opportunities and waiting for the markets to move in your favour. You are more likely to make mistakes if you try to rush things.

Stay disciplined

It is essential to stay disciplined when trading options, which means following your trading plan and not letting emotions influence your decisions. When you are disciplined, you are more likely to succeed in the long run.

Review your trades

After each trade, it is crucial to take a step back and review what happened. Why did the trade succeed or fail? What could you have done differently? Reviewing your trades will help you improve your trading skills and make better decisions in the future.

Have realistic expectations

Successful options trading requires realistic expectations. It would be best to remember that there will be losing and winning trades. Accepting losses is a part of trading and should not be seen as a failure. How you handle your losses and whether you let them affect your future decisions is essential.

Risks of trading options in AU


The options market is subject to volatile swings, resulting in losses.


When trading options, you use leverage, which means you borrow money to trade. It can amplify your losses if the trade does not go as planned.

Counterparty risk

When trading options, you are entering into a contract with another party, which means that there is a risk that the other party will not fulfil their obligations under the contract.

Liquidity risk

Liquidity risk refers to the risk that you will not be able to find a buyer or seller when you want to exit a position. It can happen in fast-moving markets or when there are few participants in the market.

Political risk

Political risk refers to the risk that political events will affect the markets. For instance, if war breaks out in a country, it could cause the markets to become volatile.

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