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Make Money by Finding Your Life’s Missions

The best way to double your income–and quadruple your happiness–is to find out your life mission. “That’s all well and good,” I hear you saying, “But exactly how do I do that?”

Fortunately, it’s easy to find your life mission. The easy–but initially scary–part is actually setting out to accomplish this mission. But most of us have laid the groundwork for blasting off on our life mission, even if we haven’t always been aware of it.

First, you have to realize what your true loves are. These true loves are where you come from, and will play a large part concerning where you are going if you choose to follow your loves. Trust me when I say that following your loves, no matter how impracticable they may seem, you can double your income for the simple reason that you will work harder and smarter on them than things that you don’t love.

Recognizing your loves will help you eliminate a significant amount of stress from your life. Why? Because they point to the fact that you already have a life mission; in fact, you probably have more than one. This means that you don’t have to create a life mission, or pull it out of a hat. It also means that your life has inherent, profound meaning.

How many life missions do most human beings have? Most people are far too complex to have only one (although there is nothing wrong with this simplicity). However, most humans also cannot concentrate on a great deal of them, either.

Only a few individuals–such as Leonardo Da Vinci–have time to handle more than three to five at any one time. I recommend that you start out after three. Once you have uncovered these, any others you might have should soon become apparent. (Don’t worry if you “only” have three–three is quite enough for one lifetime!)

So how do you discover your life’s missions? Decide what you want people to say about you after you’re gone!

This may at first seem a little morbid, and completely unrelated to any standard “double your income” method. But you’ll be a lot more efficient if you work at what you love than if you work at what you merely like–or at what you hate.

So what do you want? Do you care if people think you were a great engineer? Maybe you do–but maybe you’d rather be remembered as a great teacher instead.

Going from engineer to teacher might seem like a way to halve, instead of double your income. And it would be, if you didn’t love it. But if you really love to teach, you can use your enthusiasm to propel you into the world of textbook publishing, audio courses, and even high-priced seminars.

When you do what you love, chances are that you’ll do it with 110% enthusiasm. This will open up doors that would remain closed if you didn’t have such an outpouring of energy.

What about your other life missions? If they include being a great parent, friend, or spouse, can they also help you to double your income?

The first answer is that happiness in your personal life will add itself to your financial life. The second answer is that fulfilling your non-financial life missions will bring you a kind of wealth much greater than a doubled income!

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