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Why The Western Suburbs Of Melbourne Is The Next Boom Locations

Melbourne is considered one of the most livable cities in the world. Melbourne is also known as the culture capital of Australia. It is the second largest city in Australia which is divided into four main regions: Eastern region, Northern region, Southern region, and the Western region. These four regions are subdivided into several suburbs and municipalities.

The eastern region of Melbourne is where most government offices are found. Most hospitals are also found in the east region. The northern region, on the other hand, offers many housing estates found in Melbourne. It is also considered as the art capital of the city.

The southern region is where most famous beaches are found while the western region is the business and cultural capital of Melbourne. Several amenities and facilities ranging from museums, galleries, theatres, parks, and gardens can be found in the west region. The western region is known as the fastest growing region of Melbourne with regards to population.

Since the Western region is the most business-inclined suburb of Melbourne, many consider it as the perfect place to live, work, or even raise a family. With its affordable amenities and facilities, cultural diversity, and new infrastructures, the Western region becomes a place where in business is likely to boom. We give you an insight why good investments are still made in this fastest growing suburb of Melbourne.

With the rapid growth of population in west region, more and more investors from the private sectors invest in the region. The purpose of the private sectors is to serve the large population needed by the community. The increase in private investors is actually an advantage for us since it creates higher rate of employment for the people of the west region.

This means that the more private investors arriving in the region, the more jobs are needed to be filled. This also has become one of the reasons why Melbourne is a booming city because increase private investors also attract employees from other places to transfer for their jobs.

One of the factors that make a city livable is the infrastructures available in it. In the western region of Melbourne, several new infrastructures are developed to serve their large amount of population. Take for example the Williams Landing Railway Station, which is going to be constructed on the west of the Palmers Road and will be operated by Metro Trains Melbourne.

The new railway station is set to have first-class station attended with staffs all throughout the travel. The railway station also has an island platform between existing passenger rail lines for easy access. There will also be a new bus terminal, a huge parking lot for long-term parking, and pedestrian and bicycles access points. It will definitely make transport in west region easier and faster.

There is also one new famous shopping centre which opened recently in Point Cook, Wyndham. The Point Cook Town Centre offers the experience of Melbourne dining and coffee culture with its 400-seats food court with different cuisine to choose from Mexican, Asia, Italian, to Turkish foods. The most practical suburban shops can also be found in Point Cook with no less than 80 stores open such as the Target, Cole’s supermarket, Harris Scarfe department store, and Aldi supermarket. The Point Cook Town Centre is definitely the one-stop shop that a city needs.

Another famous infrastructure to be developed is the $440 million worth Marina situated in Port Phillip Bay, Wyndham. It will mainly construct on the foreshores of Werribee South. The marina will offer safe harbor for boats, and residential development for those who want to have beachfront houses, and two new beaches, parks, and bay trails for walking, running, and cycling.

They will also develop the Marina Square which will offer leisure and entertainment, and shopping centers. The famous $440 million marina will surely become one of the most famous tourist and local spot in Melbourne.

Not only west region suburbs present a delightful life of leisure and fine living but it also offers its affordable and accessible amenities and facilities. Several schools and universities are offered as well as retirement house and child care center. Affordable hotels and inn can be located in the suburb of Werribee such as the Comfort Inn & Suites, and Best Western Werribee Park Motor Inn located at the heart of the town near restaurants, shopping centre, and tourist attractions.

The western region of Melbourne is not only known for its commercial infrastructures and amenities, they also serve as a transport and distribution hub which offers easy access for national and international transport routes.

The most common industries known in the western region are chemical manufacturing, defence, and horticulture. In 2001, 13.6% of the gross output of Victoria came from the western region while 11.6% of manufacturing jobs were found in the same region as well. This means that higher the rate of employment available in the western region, the higher the possibility of attracting more immigrants.

Now, we know why Melbourne has become one of the most prosperous locations throughout Australia. Although it is composed of several suburban areas, Melbourne is still competitively effective in providing adequate services and creations to satisfy the needs of the people who live there, the business men who run the infrastructure and amenities, and the employers of the manufacturers and private sectors.

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